There are a lot of different takes on what is life coaching or executive coaching. I view both from an holistic lens and that is that you can’t be successful in your career, if you’re not successful in your life. I am fueled by helping people achieve their highest potential with love and some elbow grease.

So who is coaching for?

Do you feel stuck?

Is it easy for you to describe your problems yet not so easy to identify the solution or what you want?

Do you need a nudge in your life to help you reach the next level?

Are you trapped by the “I am not enough” syndrome?

Do you want more joy in your life and more creativity and purpose?

Do you keep hitting the same roadblocks over and over?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my practice may be a fit for you. I practice coaching remote over Google hangout or telephone. I offer clients a free 20-minute consultation call to see if this is the right fit and to go over both of our expectations, pricing etc. Sessions are 55 minutes and include homework (but I think of it as fun work). My practice is results driven and we will set goals for progress and track those goals.

I would love to help you love your life more.

Use the contact form to schedule a consultation today.